It’s Just Me Nikki

          Welcome to it’s just me, Nikki. I love blogging its the one thing I love to do and whats sad about it is that I don’t even care if no one reads it. I’m just gonna write about stuff that doesn’t really matter but I’m going to post anyways things about my life and if people do read it then awesome and if not I’m my own best company anyways so its cool. 

            A little bit about myself I was born here in Arizona but, I lived part of my life in Michigan. My dad lives in Michigan and my mom lives here in Arizona. I don’t really communicate with my family any more with me being the black sheep of the family life for me isn’t as easy as I would like but who said that life’s supposed to be easy? 

            It’s not that easy being me but someone’s got to do it. I know that thanks to Esteban my life has been more meaningful. He showed me how your supposed to truly love someone in a relationship, of how your supposed to truly treat someone who you love and how you can make compromises to make sure that it works. He’s been the one strong constant in my life the first time in a long time. Everyone else has either let me down or left me but he showed me how you can stay that it’s not hard to be who you are with the person that you love. I know everyone says that love is now overrated and there’s no point anymore but I’m here to say that there is the very few rare ones out there that still believe in love. 

               All I ask is not to judge me you don’t know my life. I’m not forcing you to read it you don’t have to so don’t judge and just move along and if you decide to say well then more power to you please hit that subscribe button.               


One thought on “It’s Just Me Nikki

  1. I know just how much live you have to offer and I will be there for you at any time in your life Nikki when you need me I’m always and forever going to stand by your side through the good the bad and the ugly. You once told me that without me you never would make it in life but look at your baby girl just look !! Your doing it 😉 without me and I wish you still lived me the way you used to 😓I have so much love for you it hurts to think of how I’d see you each weekend and take your babies to see you I truly believe that you cared about me …… But I guess she had bigger plans for you and your girls as for her she’s gone I’m still here now your gone…. I’m watching a movie from a far now and the star is you I reach out to you but your not there it kills my soul to see you reading my post but get no response from 💔😔 you I’m here when your ready I’m always just a phone call away 480-298-3892 I love you p.s I still love you pps. I’ll always Love you xoxoxo aunt Chris


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