Day #7 of Quote Interpretation

               This quote is deep. It resonates with me so deeply that I can feel it become a part of who I am and I only say this because I can so closely relate to this quote. I always try to find the good in something, whether it’s a bad situation, a not so great person, or just an all around shitty day. There’s something that keeps us all adrift or maybe it’s the feeling of making other people happy when we ourselves are feeling just so gosh darn depressed??

“The one who can’t seem to stop loving the people that hurt her. She finds a way to find the good, the hope, the healing, even when she’s standing there brokenhearted and alone. She’s the one who keeps trying, even if the battle is lost before she begins. She’s the one that fights, even if she’s fighting on her own. She keeps giving, keeps opening,

                 My life is not a happy one. I’m currently homeless believe it or not… I  live on the streets technically but I crash here and there at friends houses when and if I’m allowed in the door. I really have no opportunities afforded to me at the moment which is a huge inconvienence. If I’m being perfectley honest with you I haven’t taken a shower in I don’t know how long although I have taken quite a few bird baths with that being said let me include a picture so you can see just how horrible I am looking at this time in my life. 

That’s Me!!! Nikki!!

Haven’t showered in days but still hanging in there i think

                    For not being able to shower lately I can assure you that I don’t stink as some homeless people do. Like I said I do try and bird bath it when I can. It just so happens that the person’s house that I sometimes stay at doesn’t have running water so it’s a total bummer on being able to shower. Although, for being in the predicament that I have found myself in I can say I do my best to keep my spirits up. I don’t try to let myself fall deep into the despair of my life. Please no I am not wanting your pity or a hand out just letting you know about my life, about what I’m experiencing out of it and no I don’t pity myself. I have been the only reason that put me in the siutation that I have found myself in and once you find yourself at the bottom of the miry pit you have sunk into… well its bloody hard to climb out of it especially when it keeps raining the muddy walls too slick to climb. 


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