Day 5 of Quote Interpretation

              You can’t get through life without setting yourself up some goals. I think that it’s a good thing to have goals. To set yourself up some limits and reach them within a short amount of time until you reach your ultimate goal. Confidence. Confidence is the number one sexy attribute anyone can have, you can be the ugliest girl in the world but if you have confidence everything seems to fade away and that confidence makes you shine so bright that your so blinded by it that your nothing except beautiful. When I was married to my wife, she slowly over the five years of our marriage stripped away my confidence. When I walked away from that relationship my confidence was the first thing I gained back and although my heart was in shambles I knew that I was going to be just fine because I had my confidence again. 

         So, today’s quote is about ambition, about setting yourself up some goals and achieving them no matter whats in your way:

“My strength comes from knowing I have the ability to do anything, my weakness comes from the desire to do it all at once.”

“Imagine if you took all of the energy you spread out with everything you are doing and focused it on one thing. The results of success of that one entity would be undeniably better than before. While it is great to diversity, do not overload yourself. Every “rags to riches” success story always has this one quote: 

“It was the only thing I could do.”

Look at what you are doing now, narrow down what is the most successful, and push those ideas to their full potential.”

With this kind of thinking how could anyone of us have the ability to go wrong? So wake up, set some goals and everyday that you wake up strive to get a step closer to that goal each day. Then after that conquering the world should be a piece of cake. 


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