Day 4 of Quote Interpretation

                          Moving right along with these quotes that are slowly taking over the deepest poems wrote by long-lost legends and romantic heroes of young women’s hearts who wont know a sonnet from a meme. This is where we move from friendship to heartbreak memes and lost love. If there is one thing that I can understand more than anything else in this life its pain. Pain is something that I have learned to deal with on a daily basis and continue to deal with as my love Esteban helps me heal my heart with me. It’s not an easy task but yet I give him kudos for being able to stick it out. 

So I’m just going to go ahead and post the quote:

She chooses wisely who she allows in her life. Not because she is better than anyone, but because she remembers what happened when she wasn’t careful and allowed just anyone in her circle. A time when she trusted easily and naively believed that most people had the same heart as her. This doesn’t mean that she always gets it right, that every now and then she isn’t fooled. But it does mean that she can spot the fakes quicker and let the people who are not good for her go without any hesitation.”

this quote is pretty deep as it shows that a woman who has been hurt many times has finally learned her lesson on how everybody isn’t the same anymore. That although she can be kind and giving not everyone can be the same as her. 

It’s so sad when I look around in our generation and see so many kids act as if they are already privileged. That no one needs to work for anything anymore but be handed what they want as if they are entitled to it. Then, loyalty is a thing of the past, because as far as I have seen except from a select few that too is something foreign and ancient and no longer a moral given. It also seems like in every relationship the couple is cheating on each other and try to hide it from the other but instead of being single they stay together in fear of being alone.

I can relate to this post very much because I too have bent over backwards for people who couldn’t even lift their hand to help me. It’s sad to see our world turning to this. That children are over spoiled and will think they never have to work for anything, relationships are a toxic circle, and the old look at our generation with shock and dismay because as each year passes it grows to become worse. Hopefully people will start to see this as well and it just takes one person to start a domino affect and maybe we all can find our way to be back on track… we can only hope… 


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