Day 2 of 40 Days of Quote Interpretation

So yesterday I did a love quote because I am in the most loving relationship of my life at the moment and that’s all thanks to Esteban. He’s the most awesome man I have ever had the pleasure of being able to call mine. He’s the sweetest man and does absolutely every thing just to make me happy even though he doesn’t have to do a damn thing to make me happy except to simply be there for me, which he is. So today I figured I would pick a motivational quote that I found in this book of quotes that I have. 

The quote in question is as follows:

“If you don’t go after

what you want, you’ll 

never have it. If you 

Dont ask, the answer

is always no. If you 

Don’t step forward,

You’re always in the 

Same Place. 

When I read this quote I see a lot of myself in it. I have always been a go getter. I have always went after what I’ve wanted in life. My mom ever since I was a little girl has always told me “a closed mouth don’t get fed.” Which meaning if you dont ask for it then you’ll never know if you will be able to get it. The worst people will say to you is no. So why not go for it…

       I have always loved inspirational quotes they are always the best because when your depressed all you need to do is look some up and read them finding a new inspiration within yourself. At least that is my own opinion. Stick around and tomorrow we going to dip into quotes of friendship which now a days friendship doesnt mean the same thing that it did in grade school. 


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