40 Days of Quote Intrepretations

     I feel as if the art of poems has lost its value thanks to social media. Every sight you practically go on now a days you see that there are memes all composed of deep meaningful quotes. Poems are not the only thing that doesn’t hold its original value anymore. Before you know it books will no longer be printed anymore. Everyone will have E-Books where they get their reading done. Hell, I think that maybe one day people wont even talk to each other anymore because they will all be texting each other and no longer communication will be a thing of the past to be done outside of their phones. 

So I have decided to do 40 days of quote interpretation. To take a quote that I find off of the internet and find out the meaning of the post. To dissect it and see if there’s any hidden meaning. I love quotes don’t get me wrong, I love poems too. I write quotes that find on the internet in my journal almost everyday because in some small or significant way it touches a part of my life or hits home. So the first quote I’m going to start off with is a love quote.

“Sometimes all you need

is one person that shows

you that its okay to 

let your guard down,

Be yourself, and love 

with no regrets.”

When I read this I think of Esteban. He’s someone who showed me that real love does exist. That I can be exactly who I am without changing who I am and he loves me without reservations. That I can let my walls down and he will shelter me from anything that comes my way. That I can love him in return without regretting it because he wont hurt me because he would rather hurt than to hurt me himself. I like love quotes they are probably my favorite out of all of them. 


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